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About Us


The Atlantic Shark Institute is a Rhode Island based nonprofit, tax exempt charitable organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are a shark research organization dedicated to funding and supporting the Atlantic’s best shark scientists and researchers in an open and collaborative way. These respected scientists and organizations benefit from our support and our team of research donors by providing funding for a wide variety of high value shark research projects. In essence, we provide the resources they need to do critical shark research, collaborate and to be a unified voice to represent the elasmobranch scientific community. Through this unique model we can assist in research, management, conservation and awareness of large predatory sharks in the Atlantic region.

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Our Mission

Our mission, and that of our science partners, is to do the highest quality shark research to help conserve and manage these magnificent animals. While estimates vary depending on the source, more than 100 million sharks are reportedly killed annually worldwide. For many species, harvests are not sustainable and an alarming number of species are considered vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered as a result. The Atlantic Shark Institute funds research on shortfin mako, blue, porbeagle, common thresher, great white, spinner, blacktip and many other species of sharks with the singular goal of aiding in their protection and sustainability.

Unique in the world of shark research, our funded scientists work in an open and collaborative way to fully leverage the opportunities before them. Working toward a common goal, they can get more done, more efficiently and with results that are broader than would otherwise be the case. Doing so answers critical questions about sustainability, habitat, conservation, and policy that will ensure these apex predators are protected and managed in a responsible and logical manner.

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