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Jake Beretta

BRUVs - Lead Analyst


Jake joins Atlantic Shark Institute bringing with him a rich background in marine science, data analysis, and sustainability. Hailing from Narragansett, Rhode Island, Jake’s educational journey began at William & Mary, where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematical Biology and studied abroad at the University of Adelaide. Jake is also a proud graduate from several University of Rhode Island programs, earning a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and Master’s Degree in Oceanography.

At the crux of Jake's expertise are his recent stints as Research Staff at Ocean First Institute and as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Rhode Island. His noteworthy contributions to the scientific community include research on population status and dynamics of Goliath Grouper and Sharks in South Florida and the Florida Keys as well as the structure and stiffness of elasmobranch cartilage examining the varying morphological characteristics influenced by species and diet. Through meticulous experimentation and data analysis, he played a significant role in determining the correlation between cartilage stiffness and diet across various species, an endeavor that saw him recognized as an author in multiple publications.

Jake’s journey in marine science has been characterized by diverse roles that allowed him to hone a blend of analytical and interpersonal skills. His tenure as an Assistant Facilities Manager at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography was marked by his efforts in maintaining life support systems for marine organisms and fostering environmental awareness through public outreach and education initiatives. Further, as a Fisheries Investigator with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, he demonstrated precision and commitment in fish species identification and data collection, contributing to national research sponsored by NOAA Fisheries.

Apart from his hands-on research roles, Jake has also been an impactful educator, serving as a Marine Science Instructor at MarineLab in the Florida Keys and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Rhode Island, where he encouraged intellectual curiosity and academic excellence among students. His background in entrepreneurship through an internship at RIHUB in Providence, Rhode Island equipped him with a well-rounded skill set in areas including sales, marketing, risk assessment, and communication as well.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Jake stands out as a community leader. His leadership roles in various campus organizations during his undergraduate years and a range of volunteer activities, including efforts with the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations, California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program, and Save the Bay Rhode Island, showcase his commitment to advancing community values alongside environmental stewardship.

Jake is well-versed in data analysis and brings proficient knowledge in tools such as Python, R, and MATLAB, setting the stage for innovative research approaches at the Atlantic Shark Institute. As he steps into his new role, Jake is poised to be an asset to the team, blending professional rigor with a passion for marine science sustainability and community engagement.

You can connect with Jake on LinkedIn or reach him at for networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

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