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Kimberly Lavoie

Research Analyst 


A scientist with the State of Rhode Island, Kimberly Lavoie is a RI-local and shark lover: hammerheads and whale sharks being her favorite. She assisted in wildlife research projects studying mammals, birds, insects, and forest ecosystems— these experiences took her across the country and beyond. Most recently, her professional work focuses on interpreting data and educating the public on state and federal regulations.


Outside of her varied professional interests, Kimberly loves traveling, flower gardening, visiting national parks, and art. Her current favorite national park is Biscayne in Florida. Here, she encountered her first lemon shark while kayaking.  


Kimberly graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. She is currently working toward a Biological and Environmental Sciences M.S. at the University of Rhode Island, with a specialization in Ecology and Ecosystem Sciences. Her thesis project focuses on zoonosis in marine environments.

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