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Alex Sabo

Research Assistant

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As a microbial ecologist with a passion for protecting the ocean, Alex appreciates all facets of marine life  -- especially sharks! She received her BS in Biology from Moravian University in 2018 and her MS in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Lehigh University in 2021. Following her schooling, she worked as a Research Technician for NOAA and the University of North Carolina before returning to Lehigh as a PhD student, a Kravis Fellow and a part of the new Lehigh Oceans Research Center. Funded by the Pennsylvania Sea Grant, Alex is studying spatiotemporal differences in microbial and biogeochemical processes along the freshwater-to-marine continuum, particularly those relevant to contaminant degradation. 

As part of her work, Alex strives to build confidence in budding scientists by creating accessible tools and materials. She believes that science education and outreach are some of the most important aspects of research. Being able to support the Atlantic Shark Institute since 2021 has been a major highlight of Alex's career, as ASI both embodies the philosophy that science is for everyone, as well as works to protect the ocean and her favorite animals!

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