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Atlantic Shark Institute Commercial Plate Update

Thank you all once again for your amazing support of the Atlantic Shark Institute! It's humbling to see our iconic Mako shark on nearly 10,000 Passenger and Combination plates across Rhode Island.

For those of you waiting for COMMERCIAL plates, we have some great news - we're only 150 plates away from reaching our minimum requirement of 600, and we're getting new orders every week! Do you or a friend have a commercial vehicle and might be interested in an ASI Shark Plate? If you do…

  • Or, if you have a commercial vehicle (or better yet, a fleet of them), please visit the Atlantic Shark Institute and help us become the first charity in RI history to get a commercial plate on the road!

We will hit the 600 plate minimum for commercial plates as it is simply a matter of time. With one more good push we can finish up and get these plates on the road!

Thank you again for your support,

The ASI Shark Plate Team



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