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License Plate Update - Thank you & more...

Shark Plate Distribution a Great Success! Pick-Up Now Available!

A huge thank you to the thousands of people who made it to the RI DMV this past weekend. It was a wonderful celebration for many reasons, and we really enjoyed sharing it with all of you. While the lines on Saturday morning were long, everyone was kind, patient, and in a celebratory mood, so thank you all!

If you were unable to attend, your plate can now be picked up at the RI DMV in Cranston. Hours are 8:30AM to 3:30PM, M-F and best of all, you do not need an appointment! This goes for passenger and combination plates ordered before September 4th, 2023.

Initially, the earliest date for pickup was October 11th, however, the amazing team at RI DMV worked hard to prepare for the distribution of plates that were not picked up at our event, so please thank them for their efforts.

The plate office can be found on the first floor, on the left, as you enter the building. Just bring an ID or a copy of your registration and you’ll be all set.

The plates have been getting rave reviews, everyone seems to love them, and we can’t wait to see more and more on the road.

Thank you again and please spread the word on all four plate versions. We only need a few more to get the commercial and motorcycle plates into production!

–The ASI Shark Plate Team



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