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Shark License Plate - Commercial and Motorcycle Order Update

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because you have ordered an ASI Commercial or Motorcycle license plate via the RIDMV. As you have likely heard, there is a shark plate distribution event this coming weekend. Please note, this event is NOT for Commercial and Motorcycle plates.

This event is ONLY for Passenger and Combination plates ordered before September 4th. We greatly appreciate your support and want to make sure you do not attend this event in error.

The RIDMV requires that each plate type get 600 orders before they go to print. As of today, we have received more than 400 orders for the Commercial plate and more than 125 orders for Motorcycles. We are confident we will hit minimums for both plates in the near future, and we will keep you updated as to our progress.

As a reminder, we ask you to please spread the word to friends and family about the ASI Shark Plate, and tell them to visit to place their orders.

Thank you again for the support,

The ASI Shark Plate Team



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