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Atlantic Shark Institute License Plate Update – Motorcycles and More!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! We wanted to share some new and exciting news on the Atlantic Shark Institute license plate, and also provide an update on how things are progressing with the passenger, combination and commercial plates that have been ordered.

1. Early yesterday we announced via press release that we are now accepting orders for motorcycles! We are the first charity in the history of the state to do so and we are very excited to make them available. We’ve had quite a few inquiries from motorcyclists since the very first day we announced the plate and after some logistics on our end, we are now accepting them! Please share this information and email with your motorcycle owning friends, family and neighbors. Like the other plates options, we will need to hit 600 orders to go to print so hopefully it will prove as popular as the other plates we are offering. The link to order them is

2. We have been in consistent communication with the RI DMV about the passenger and combination plates that have been ordered. Right now they are still expecting that the plates will be ready in August/September. As shared previously, the plates themselves need to be ordered, created, shipped to RI and embossed at Correctional Industries. We will provide another update in late July but right now, things look to be progressing as expected.

3. Lastly, we are currently at 300 commercial plate orders. As known, we need 600 orders to go to print with those plates as well. We feel confident that the number will be hit as we get more press, other versions of the plates hit the road, and we partner with folks that can help spread the word. If you know someone that owns a fleet of commercial vehicles, please share this email!

Thank you again for this tremendous support. The research we conduct is critical to sharks, ocean health and our health. Your purchase of these plates is a wonderful way to support this critical research and we couldn’t do it without you! The ASI Shark Plate Team



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