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Atlantic Shark Institute License Plate Update

Updated: May 25, 2023

Atlantic Shark Institute License plate
Atlantic Shark Institute License Plate Update

Thank you for helping us break records!

First and foremost, thank you again for purchasing the Atlantic Shark Institute license plate! We could not be more excited about the response as the plate continues to break DMV records. We have received over 5,000 orders and have already met minimums for Passenger and Combination plates! As of this email, Commercial plates are 340 short of minimum requirements, but are getting closer every day, so please pass the word!

What's Next?

  • All Passenger and Combination plate orders are sent to RI DMV

  • RI DMV sends approved orders to Correctional Industries

  • 3M company creates all the plate material

  • Correctional Industries embosses the plates

  • Based on the unprecedented volume, the plates cannot be mailed. Instead, RI DMV will be hosting a distribution event (RI DMV believes this event will take place in "August or September," but ASI will share specifics as soon as we receive them)

Visit the Atlantic Shark Institute License Plate page for updates (found in the FAQ section – recent updates will be displayed at the top of the section). Like you, we can’t wait for our plates to arrive, but even more important, your support of our research and the importance of a healthy ocean cannot be overstated. Shark health is ocean health, and ocean health is our health.

Thank you again, and have a safe and fun summer In Rhode Island!

Don't forget to follow the Atlantic Shark Institute Facebook and Instagram for the latest ASI research updates.


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I have no interest in attending a DMV event. Can I cancel my order for a refund? I'll still donate the same amount to the ASI, I'm just not contributing any more money to the DMV that can't figure out how to operate an envelope.

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