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Acoustic Receiver


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Acoustic receivers are critical to our research and their value is considerable. Acoustic telemetry allows us to detect tagged sharks, tuna, sea turtles, sturgeon, striped bass and anything else that researchers tag. Confirming what species are present, at what time and in what density forms the backbone for many research and conservation projects. We upload all data into a shared database so that every researcher, and every institution, benefits from our acoustic array.


Best of all, you can play a large role in that success! For a donation of $500 you can name an acoustic receiver for a research season and choose the location that you like best! It can be a family member, a friend, a business or anything else. What a great way to have a direct impact on studying, assessing and conserving these beautiful animals. Lastly, please let us know if your company offers a matching program so we can reach out to them to double your generosity! 

If you prefer, you can always send us a check made out to the ASI. Atlantic Shark Institute, Box 17, Wakefield, RI 02880 .

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